quoting spongebob in everyday conversations

listening to any kind of live music

spending time with my siblings

taking a spontaneous trip off the mountain

" Making women feel beautiful "

Independent stylist in the foothills of northern California. I grew up in the east bay, in Livermore, and moved to Sonora my senior year of high school. If you're familiar with the area then you know.. if not then just know I went to a city with ninety thousand to a mountain town with about five thousand. I completed cosmetology school here and went on to work as an assistant to a stylist. During that time I learned a lot of the DO's & DONT's of the hair world and owning a business. 


I am now taking what I've learned and building a successful brand inspired by positivity and community.  

I specialize in hair color, but have a special love for lived-in blondes and corrections. I also don't mind throwing some mermaid colors or extensions in either

I am currently an ambassador for two of my favorite companies, Kadus Professional and Masters of Balayage. Kadus is an amazing company that I've been using since I got into the hair industry. They have the shiniest and most vibrant colors and are also partnered with Wella, another well known company. Masters of Balayage is a company set around uplifting, inspiring, and helping stylists grow. Both of these companies have given me opportunities I could only ever dream about.

I take pride in my work and try to create an amazing experience for every guest who sits in my chair. I have invested in my craft to make sure I am bringing the absolute best techniques back to my small town.

Besides creating an amazing experience for my guests, I want to help other stylists create the same thing for their guests too.I hope to educate in this industry one day,

I love what it has created for me and I find so much joy in sharing knowledge about something that I am truly passionate about.


I love making women feel beautiful.

If you want to know more, you'll have to pay me!

Hi there, I'm Kayla.