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The Virgin Stylist

Well... that title isn't 100% true, I'm only partially a virgin ;)

Hey all! I am so excited that Summer is over and Fall weather has started to kick in, its officially my time to thrive! This blog is geared towards stylists and clients as I will be covering a wide range of topics including salon etiquette, recommended products, styling and color techniques, salon stories, and much more! I wanted my first blog post to be a quick little intro and just some facts about me before we start getting into the good, bad, and ugly of the beauty industry.


This is me and here are some quick facts!

- I'm 21 and have been licensed in the industry for almost 2 and a half years. I started beauty school as a junior in high school and graduated a little bit after my senior year. I moved towns in the middle of cosmetology school and had to be on a wait list so it set me back over 6 months, I ALMOST lost my passion for hair and didn't go back. My mom made me finish but said if I didn't want to do hair after I graduated I didn't have to. I am grateful for her and that everyday.

- I have five sisters and three brothers ranging from ages 27 to 3 and I am the second oldest. I have a step brother who is older than me and a step sister who is my age (but I am still older by a month and a half). The rest of my siblings are half siblings and are all younger. Because of this I always said I didn't want kids or wanted to adopt. I still think adoption is amazing but I've had hardcore baby fever this year.

- I have virgin hair.... kinda ;) Growing up, every adult to come into my life (besides my mom) would tell me not to color my red hair. Eventually I got tired of the kids at school calling it orange and to me it was super ugly and boring! In 5th grade I started to color it and by 10th grade I had colored it every color imaginable, and of course, done by yours truly. The summer of 10th grade and all of 11th I dated this boy who was super controlling. He didn't like my nose or lip piercing and he definitely didn't like my pink highlights, so I stopped coloring it for him. We ended up breaking up before I moved but my hair grew so long and I learned to appreciate my red so I haven't colored it since.

- I knew I wanted to do hair by the time I turned 10. After coloring and messing up my own hair (and parents bathroom) for 6 years I decided I wanted to make other people feel beautiful. I learned from my mistakes and there is no reason you should have to. Specializing in blonding was the absolute best decision I made for myself.

- I am an ambassador for #KadusProfessional and #MastersOfBalayage as of 2019 and I couldn't be more excited and grateful. Both of these companies have given me amazing opportunities to grow my business and skill set within weeks of being apart of them. These were 2 of my goals for the year so it just gets me excited for whats to come in the future!

- I'm a dog mom! I have cats too but this sweet baby boy is my absolute world. His name is Popcorn so if I mention that any time during the blog you have to know I'm talking about him. Pop saved my life, he is the most amazing dog a girl could ask for. He has given me so much purpose and is the reason I work so hard (I have to be able to afford all these toys).

- If I wasn't a stylist I would probably be involved in either law or real estate. I have passion for both. I always thought it would be cool to be a 911 Operator and I wanted to be an EMT or Police Officer for a while but don't know if I could handle everything that comes along with it emotionally.

- I use Medicinal Marijuana for my Anxiety and Depression instead of taking an Rx medication. I have since I was 18 and it has been the best method for me, it may not be for you and that is totally okay! I am a VERY productive and successful stoner, you probably wouldn't have even known if I didn't tell you. I DO NOT operate behind the chair under the influence but will gladly smoke with you after your appointment ;)

- I love love love doing color! I fell in love with blonding in particular while I was in school and Balayage is very near and dear to my heart. It's one of the first techniques that I mastered behind the chair and have become known for it in my small town. I hope to help put Sonora on the map for hair, we have so many amazing artists here.

- I will own a salon one day. Unfortunately, in the beginning of my career I was hopping around from one salon to the next trying to find my home. I always ended up in a new salon with a new owner who either hasn't done this before or hasn't done it in a long time so it was frustrating for everyone involved. I have been behind the scenes for all of it and feel like I know the do's and don'ts. I hope to be a successful salon owner one day.

*BONUS FACT* I would LOVE to educate but I am SUPER shy in person. I could manage a small class but would still most likely be freaking out! It is something I am working on but social media has paved the way for me, if I could get comfortable in front of the camera I could do it in front of people. This fact is just me speaking into existence ;)

Thank you so much for reading! My facts are simple but let's hope they interest you enough to follow along and want to learn more about me. New entries will be posted twice a month on Mondays, unless I decide otherwise. Let me know in the comments what you want to hear about next... My favorite products (professional and not) OR my craziest client experience!

Until next time,

Colored by Kayla

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Loved reading your new blog, Kayla, and learning more about you! Looking forward to more blog posts!

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